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My name is Tim Kutcher.

I'm a software engineer from Maryland, high school baseball & volleyball coach, and former college athlete.

Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's.

I am passionate about leadership, teaching & enabling problem solvers, beautiful code, and beautiful code that writes beautiful code.

What I Do


I primarily work full-stack web development and am most experienced with Python, and TypeScript Angular frontends. I am also experienced with GitLab CI, Docker, Java, XSLT, and more.

Here are a few of the things I've done:

My home repository with some Python style/testing configurations, unix run commands, my public keys, and some cheatsheets.


JGrade is a Java package I developed while a TA for the Data Structures class at Johns Hopkins. It was built for the Gradescope Autograder and implements features for different grading strategies, grading based on checkstyle, and more. Check out the repository or the API docs for more.
ZPD Solutions
ZPD Solutions, LLC
Using Angular, I developed the websites for and Head on over and check out the sites!
The quickbase-client Python package focuses on “code that writes code” to allow users to interact with the QuickBase API from a high level to provide easier development interfacing with QuickBase. This was submitted to the 2020 QuickBase Virtual Hackathon along with a "Metaprogramming with QuickBase" QuickBase App. You can read more here.


Athletics, especially baseball, have always been a major aspect of my life. I was fortunate to play college baseball at Johns Hopkins and had a great four years. My senior year we even made it to the College World Series. I am thankful for all of the great memories, teammates, coaches, and the support of my family.

Here are a few of my luckier moments:

Caught a ball and the fence happened to be there and made it look cooler than it was.
In Game 1 of the 2019 DIII CWS, we were playing Babson in a tight game that went to extras. In the top of the 10th we went down 2 runs. We had an awesome rally to come back in the bottom of the 10th and I happened to come up in this spot.
Baseball is fun.
Our 2019 season was certainly special. I wound up throwing together a video featuring a bunch of the guys who made it special as a "hype video" for our ahead of our Superregional series vs. Shennandoah.